An EZ Floor Solution

An EZ Floor Solution
Friday, August 31, 2018

You want to know these five things about cleaning your hardwood floors

  • Fine dust left behind on your floor acts like a fine grade sand paper. It is very important to remove this biggest enemy before the grime starts causing scratches or damage to the finish. Dust high traffic areas daily.
  • Water is what we fear most when thinking about cleaning hardwood floors. We should be concerned about too much liquid, but keep in mind that cleaners are liquid too! Avoid any cleaning process that leaves any type of liquid sitting on your wood floors after cleaning.
  • So how do we get dried on dirt off our hardwood floors? Water is the best cleaner for your floors as it is PH neutral. If you have a proper cleaning fiber, it limits the amount of water put on your hardwood floor while wiping away the dirt. The guide to use is a mop that allows the hardwood floor to dry within 2-3 minutes. The mop fiber should be damp, not soaking to achieve this result. Your floors will be shiny and bright if you skip the cleaner. This is especially noticeable with shiny, dark floors.
  • Be very cautious if you are cleaning any damaged hardwood flooring. It’s recommended to hand clean damaged hardwood floors to ensure no further damage is done to the wood.
  • If you choose to use a cleaning product on your hardwood floors, always read the label to ensure it is safe for your family and pets.
An EZ Floor Solution


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