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EZ Kitchens

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No need to fear whether your cleaner is worse than what you are trying to clean. No more greasy smudges.
Clean your kitchen in a snap with EZ Green Clean.


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$178.00 $99.00
Get your entire Kitchen sparkling clean
$65.00 $37.00
Clean up kitchens in dorm rooms, apartments or RVs
Two cleaning surfaces in one! Green side cleans grease and bacteria, while the Grime side (black stripes) wipes stuck on grime, liquids and crumbs away.
This super absorbent cloth delivers streak-free drying in the kitchen behind the glove or cloth.
The perfect every day cloth for the kitchen. Use to wipe down counters, microwave and stove topl Small enough to clean dishes.
Dry counters and appliances for a streak-free and shiny kitchen.