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The smartest way to buy EZ Green Clean products.  Get the pieces you want to clean your total home or do it one room at a time while earning fantastic discounts.


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$176.00 $99.00
Get your bathroom shining clean without fumes
$65.00 $37.00
Clean up kitchens in dorm rooms, apartments or RVs
$178.00 $99.00
Get your entire Kitchen sparkling clean
$65.00 $37.00
Clean powder rooms, RVs and smaller bathrooms with no fumes
$113.00 $49.00
Try out our cleaners. great for small apartments or RVs
$222.00 $137.00
Clean your windows, inside and out. Clean your screens, gutters, grill and patio furniture.
$195.00 $117.00
Easily reach on top of furniture,blinds, vans, RVs and much more
$234.00 $127.00
A great way to clean all those tight spots.
$237.00 $137.00
Get extra flexi's for more cleaning power in those tight spots
$198.00 $117.00
Extra fibers for your flexi tool. Clean those tight spots