The average American family spends only 37 minutes a day having quality time together – and over an hour cleaning their home. EZ Green Clean offers simple cleaning tools to help you spend less time cleaning, and more time making family memories you’ll cherish.

Smart Tools for More Family Time

There’s more to cleaning than a pile of rags, single-use sponges, and bottle after bottle of synthetic cleaning spray. Enter mechanical cleaning products– efficient, well-designed physical solutions that offer a new perspective to cleaning. From high-tech sponges, to drying cloths, to dry mops, the beauty of mechanical products is in their long-term functionality and cleaning specific design. These are tools that do the job right, making the clean last longer, so you can do more living and less cleaning!

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Our customers say...

"Let me just RAVE about the bamboo face cloth! NEVER have I found a product that so easily removes ALL makeup including waterproof mascara with such ease!!! No scrubbing, no pulling and using ONLY WATER!!!! I think I need to add this to my client gifts...everyone needs one."

Melodi R.

"I started using the Bathroom Pack so we could have a clean bathroom without my partner getting headaches from the cleaning chemicals, and it works just as well with just water. Love this!"

Lara L.

"Love these products, not only do they limit your exposure to toxins, they are better for the environment, your body and your family, and clean incredible well! Thank you EZ Green Clean for spreading the word about your amazing products!"

Heather B.

"Love all the products I’ve had an opportunity to try so far and most of all I love the mission of your brand."

Melissa (First City Wellness)

Clean and Safe

Your health is everything, and so is the health of your family. So, why would you introduce potentially harmful cleaning products into the very space you eat, breathe, and live?

Our world is surrounded by toxic products. In every grocery store, shelf, and cabinet, we’ve been conditioned to believe that to truly have a clean home means to use products that ‘work.’ (We call B.S.!) Common cleaners actually cause more dirt to accumulate on surfaces making them appear dirtier every day. 

A truly clean home can easily be achieved with intelligent cleaning tools in a fraction of the time – it’s all about the tools and approach.

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A Shift in Mindset

We’ll be the first to say that cleaning is not fun. It can be downright frustrating to spend hours scrubbing away only to get mediocre results. Something about the combination of not-so-efficient cleaning mechanisms that never really get the dirt out and toxic chemicals just isn’t appealing.

We’ve spent the past 12 years developing and sharing smart products that have changed our quality of life. After what feels like a lifetime of struggling with usual cleaning problems like streaky windows, tacky floor from cleaner build-up, and a mountain of pet fur, we discovered that it’s the tools that make all the difference.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones. Our products have been tested, approved, and used by cleaning companies, naturopathic doctors and hospitals who also believe that cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be an efficient way to cleanse your space!

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