EZ Green Clean

Copper Scrub

Baked on grime? You’ve met your match. 

The Copper Scrub is designed to remove excess grit and food from a range of surfaces. Tightly knit and stiff copper easily ditches grease and baked on dirt from cool stove tops and BBQ grates. 

Hard water stains in the bathroom, say goodbye.  Use the Copper Scrub with lots of water to remove stains off hard, non-painted surfaces (test first).

Warning: Don’t use on non-stick pans. Always use lots of water.

Care Instructions for your fibers

Wash dirty fibers in a lint-free laundry bag with liquid laundry soap. Hang fibers to dry or use permanent press cycle on dryer. Between washes, rinse wet fibers out with soap. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach, wash in dishwasher, use on hot surfaces or heat in microwave.