The Five Things Too Many New Pet Owners Learn the Hard Way

1. “I can’t believe my pet is not bald after all the fur on my floors!”

Excessive fur is the result of an ineffective method of removing the fur. Don’t use a broom or vacuum on a floor with pet fur. A specialized dry mop will trap the fur, keeping it from recirculating.

2. “I don’t want my house to smell like my pet.”

Don’t wait for bowls, bedding, and walls to be a smelly, caked on mess to clean. Clean them frequently… but make sure you use safe products. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a bleach or ammonia product. So what should be used?

Mechanical cleaning products will remove the dirt and grime without all the harsh chemicals.

PRO TIP: Feed your pets by a sink. It makes it easy to rinse out the bowls and keep the water fresh.

3. “I love my pet, but not my allergies.”

A duster designed to trap fur and dander is your best bet for keeping allergies at bay… Less fur reduces the chance that family members will have a reaction.

4. "My pet won’t stop scratching."

Wash bedding frequently, with an unscented, no fabric softener laundry soap.

Don’t over bath your pet.  When you do wash them, use a hypo-allergenic shampoo.  Make sure to rinse ALL the shampoo off.

Clean floors and walls with a mechanical cleaning mop or sponge to remove the oil that pets leave behind without exposing them to harsh chemicals.

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5. "I all see is nose and paw prints… no view."

Yep… the pets are all over these surfaces at home and in the car. The key to keeping them clean is to have an effective, safe cleaner. Avoid glass cleaners because of the harsh chemicals. A mechanical sponge and drying cloth will make clean-up quick for you and safe for your pet. This works for windows, sliders and walls.

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