EZ Green Clean

EZ Charcoal Bamboo Body Cloth

Treat your body to some self-love with a supple bamboo body cloth designed to gently remove any dirt or products. EZ Bamboo fibers are soft, absorbent and incredibly efficient making them perfect for sensitive skin, acne prone skin and for removing paints and temporary dyes. No need for soaps which will dry out your skin.

Each bamboo cloth is crafted from super-heated bamboo charcoal ground into particles and combined with yarn. With a naturally porous texture, cloths can act as efficient exfoliators when used dry or a velvety soft cloth when mixed with water.

Works for: facial and body skin
Doesn’t work for: house surfaces
People who love this: clean skin devotees, adults and teenagers with acne, brides to be, health conscious people

Care Instructions for your fibers

Wash dirty fibers in a lint-free laundry bag with liquid laundry soap. Hang fibers to dry or use permanent press cycle on dryer. Between washes, rinse wet fibers out with soap. Don’t use fabric softener or bleach, wash in dishwasher, use on hot surfaces or heat in microwave.